Screw Reusable Tile Leveling System Having Replaceable Pins

Effortlessly achieve a smooth and even tile surface with our Tile Leveling System. Ideal for floor and wall tiles, this system acts as a reliable spacer during installation. Its easy adjustment and consistent flatness between tiles save both time and effort. The reusable system, with replaceable high-quality iron pins, simplifies fixing and removal. Featuring a 1.5mm spacer size, it is perfect for tile gaps, ensuring a seamless and professional finish. Simplify your tile installation with this user-friendly and efficient Tile Leveling System, with each package containing 50pcs of T for your convenience.
Product Code: fc40056
Brand: Shaheen
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Rs. 1,600

Enhance your tile installation with our efficient Tile Leveling System, designed for both floor and wall tiles. This system ensures a flat surface, eliminating unevenness and serving as an ideal spacer during tile fixing. Engineered for easy adjustment and consistent flatness between tiles, it saves time and effort in the installation process. The system is reusable and can be easily fixed or removed with a specialized wrench. Notably, you can replace pins effortlessly for added convenience. The 1.5mm spacer size is suitable for tile gaps, and the high-quality iron pins resist rust and corrosion. Simplify your tiling process with this easy-to-use Tile Leveling System—each package includes 50pcs of T for efficient tile placement

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