Round Shape Reusable Screw Type Tile Leveling Spacers Pillar | Latest Floor Tile leveling System in

This Tile Leveling System is a great tool for floor/wall Tiles. The system ensures flatness between the tiles avoiding inequalities and are perfect spacer for floor/wall tile fixing. Design for adjusting and maintaining flatness between the tiles and avoiding movements during the tile setting, Saves tile installation time and money with less effort. This Tile Leveling System is reusable, it was easy enough to fix or remove with a Special wrench, No additional assembly tools are needed. extremely fast & easy to install & remove.
The New Innovative tile Leveling system reusable helps professionals increase the efficiency of laying tiles and obtaining a perfect, lippage-free finish.
The spacer size is 1.5mm so suitable for a tile gap =of 1.5 mm.
1) The Pin ( needle ) in the pillar is made up of High-Quality iron that is rust-free, and Corrosion Free.
2) The tile leveling system ensures flatness between tiles to avoid unevenness. Prevent tiles from moving while curing.
50pcs x T
Product Code: fc40043
Brand: Shaheen
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How to use?
1)lay the first piece of Tile, Spacer 1.5 or Below, and close to other Tile
2)Insert the T-pin into the Space, then rotate it 90 degrees with the help of Plastic Wrench.
3)Before the cement or tile glue has completely dried up (usually no more than 6 hours), Then loose the Leveling spacer piler anti clock wise, then rotate the T-pin 90 degrees so that the T-pin turns to a zigzag parallel to the tile, and remove the leveler;
4)Thats simple. The piler Spacers are reuseable. 

Specifications of Round Shape Reusable Screw Type Tile Leveling Spacers Pillar | Latest Floor Tile leveling System in

Color Black and Orange, Black and Yellow
size 1.5mm
Quality Fine pure white plastic
Package or Packets each packet contains 50 spacers and 1 Plastic Wrench
Brand Shaheen
Country of origion Pakistan
Reusablilty Yes
Material Plastic + Iron