Hand-held Mini Tile Cutter | Tile cutter for glass, Porcelain and ceramic tiles

This handheld mini Tile Cutter and Glass Cutter is suitable for cutting and designing porcelain Tiles, ceramic tiles, and for glass. This tile cutter can cut the tiles up to 3-15mm thickness. This tile and glass cutting tool can cut and divide glass and tiles, so you don't need to buy extra functional tools. This mini tile cutter is suitable for cutting tiles up to 32 inches in length.
Product Code: fc40052
Brand: China
Warranty: China products has no warrenty
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Rs. 3,800
Note: Not applicable to unglazed tiles, polished tiles, tempered glass, vitrified tiles, and marble tiles.

Its Portable cutter blade is made of hard tungsten steel alloy. The blade is sharp therefore its cutting efficiency is high as compared to other mini tile cutters. It saves time and effort. This mini tile cutter is equipped with 2 extra blades for easy replacement. It is more efficient and effective to use than before. If you are a beginner or an experienced DIY professional then this tile cutter best option for you. 

we recommend you cut the tile up to 32" or below 32" with this mini tile cutter. Its diamond cutting blades can be applied to 3-15mm / 0.12-0.59 inches of glazed tiles, ceramic tiles, glass, and mirrors.

watch the video before purchasing this tile cutter. Video

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